Sunday, July 01, 2007

MTV Youth Icon Nominee V: "U"

as they say " Save the best for the last"!!!
So....u must have vote goes to "U"!!!
What made Abhishek Bacchan a star? U !!!
Who uses Orkut? U !!!
Who watched RDB? Whos the one whos gonna bring about the change in our society ? U !!!
Who uses the Cellphones ? U !!!
Enough reasons to make you 'BELIEVE IN YOURSELF'...

Coz if its not U ,then its no one!
I guess i have given U enough reasons to vote for "U"..!
So,make your vote count...coz in the end...its U who matters...!

MTV Youth Icon Nominee III & IV: RDB & Multimedia Cell phone

Rang De Basanti..!
By faaarr, the best movie we have come across in this decade…
The storyline, the characters, the screenplay….everything was extraordinary !
It sure made the youth of India realize the problems their country faces…and inspired them to make a significant contribution in improving the state of the nation….
But for that…..its the youth who need to act to d situation….which means….we…or..more appropriately “U”(the fifth nominee) can make the difference …!

Taking no credit away from RDB….without it…nothing would have been possible !

Now, for the fourth nominee
A multimedia cell phone..!
Well, the MTV guys were pretty clever in specifying ‘multimedia’ cellphone rather then just cellphone…! Coz,d simple cellphones hardly have any application except making and receiving calls….nd d sms thing too..!!

talking about its importance dese dayz...

The ones who do have a multimedia fone know how useful it dont think i need to list down d reasons why you should vote for it....

And the ones who dont have a phone....well.....i guess u r better watching Music Videos on MTV....since u can not sms your opinion for the youth icon :P

MTV Youth Icon Nominee II : Orkut

“Orkut is an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends.

We are committed to providing an online meeting place for people to socialize, make new acquaintances and find others who share their interests. Join orkut now to create and connect with your own social circle.”
That’s what they say…!
I say…it’s a lot more den dat..!
So….il write down the things which make orkut a good contender for d Youth icon Award !

- M one of its member… hell of a reason for you to vote for it…lolz..!
- It offers you an interface which helps you stay in contact with ur friends….far and farrer ..nd the near ones too…!
- Helps you improve your language….be it for online chattin purpose or for some professional work….!
- Sure does help you improve your typing skills in a fun environment….considering those dull old typing master softwares…
- Helps people to gain confidence in themselves. Ask Gangupati Tripathi Yadav ..! Haha…kiddin…I doubt if a guy with that name even exists..!
- Lots of other good things which I cant think of right now..!

Also, there are certain things which are not appreciated in the world of orkut…..but….il leave it for the mediapersons to point out….(waise bhi ……they are always out of topics)

So…that was Orkut for you…!

MTV Youth Icon Nominee I: Abhishek Bacchan

Hey guyz..!
All of you who stay tuned into MTV must b aware of this…
And those who didnt know what it is….u know it now…!

So…! What im gonna do is list all the nominees and give my opinion on it (since its my blog :D)
Starting with the first nominee…

Name: Abhishek Bacchan
Profession :Son turned Actor...though…..he is good at acting…at times..!
1 – Making into the youth icon nominee list !
2 – His performance in GURU. But then, there are other actors who also performed equally well but are not in d list…so…the importance goes to the first point i.e.makin into this list
3 – I don’t think this to be an achievement but I know most of you consider it as one….
Got married to Aishwarya Rai Bacchan !
4 – Won the coffee hamper on Koffe with Karan(I guess)…..some achievement!
5 – Being the only human among the nominees !

I see…..quite a few reasons you have… to vote for him, but id also like to say…..d reason y he is d first nominee to be put under the spotlight here is that I think he is the least deserving one(deserving none the less !)..!

So….thats that for our first nominee…!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vince McMahon: Dead Or Alive ???

Just when i was running out of ideas for my blog....My li'l cusin (not li'l actually...he is in 10th grade now) where was i ??? my not so li'l cousin came to me and said "Bhaiya !! Aapko pata hai ? Vince Mcmahon ka car accident ho gaya hai and he died in it.....!!"

Oh wait....i guess half of you dont know who Mr. Vince Mcmahon is..!!! let u know..!

Vince McMahon is the producer of a movie called WWE which comes up with a new sequel every single week..!! The star cast of this movie includes highly trained and well groomed actors who play the role of wrestlers in the movie...!! And yeah....i pity on these actors...coz..inspite of performing so naturally, inspite of enduring the severe injuries and fractures....dude's rnt even nominated for d Oscars..!!!(No wonder y they say 'Never try this at home..!!)

Newaz...continuing with the topic...
The moment i heard the whole thing from my cousin....i was stunned for a while...but the very second moment....i realized..... its the world of WWE that we are talking about..!!!
Instantly, I logged on to net and searched google to find out what the whole matter was...!!

What i found out was what i was expecting to find out...!!

You wonder why? Dont you ?

well...before i let you know why they do it...let me write down some more of their FAKE ACTS

- Khali...
the guy from India......check out the below pic.....its simply impossible to knock down that guy...i mean.....see the sizes...he can suffocate the lil guy by just placing his hand on his face...

But in the show.....u can see people half his size knock him out.....!!!

- The dudes who behave like 'Jaani -Dusshman' in the show.......sit side by side in outside seminars....lolling and rofling together in sync......(now thats Radical)

- Old guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair man handling(literally) wrestlers far stronger then them.....

- M not sure about this fact but i guess even the whole crowd is fake....they are paid to sit their and watch the well rehearsed drama...!!

So.....why do they do all this?
Coz...WWE is a worldwide phenomenon and children all across the world follow it. Its a platform where they see their favorite stars battle out to gain supremancy in their domain. they 
admire their physiques and looks.....nd wish to be like them one day...!!
But....they r kids....u cant help it...!!

I wonder at times how someone can feel successful by running a show which fakes almost everthing jsut to win the hearts of innocent lil kids..!!!

The reaction on my counsins face when i showed him the real story was
somehow were his words after dat. 
He said "Accha...!!!! Matlab nakli hota hai ye sab..!"

Felt really glad to have enlightened one soul....